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Company Strategy

Our Purpose

EQS Tax is designed to provide tax services to individual and small business in a more intimate understanding of the client’s tax situation and business. Our knowledge of your tax situation and or business allows us to uniquely position our client in the best tax position.

Core Values

We do not believe in quantity but focus on the quality and the body of services to serve the client as a whole. We provide exceptional tax services to our clients.

Our Mission

We are determined to provide our clients with a complete body of tax work that allows them to understand their position and risk of audit. We are committed to helping our clients preserve cash flows by positioning the client to pay the minimum effective tax rate. We implicitly consider and decrease the chance of audit of tax returns or achieve a clearance on any returns that are audited at no additional charge to the client.

Company Affiliation

EQS Tax is affiliated with EQ Quickbooks.com as a sibling. We work in conjunction with EQQuickbooks.com to accomplish regulatory compliance and tax reduction planning and strategies for our clients. We assist QuickBooks in providing QuickBooks training focusing on tax compliance and record requirements.