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Are you having issues with the Internal Revenue Service? We provide real solutions to your tax problems. We are a local firm based in Houston that deals exclusively with businesses & individuals located in Houston and the surrounding areas. Ignoring the IRS won’t solve your problems, but we can.

Audit Representation

Have you received an IRS audit notice? Audit notices can be nerve-wracking, even for taxpayers who have filed their taxes in a timely and honest manner. Hiring a tax resolution company like EQ Solutions for audit representations can help ease the anxiety of an IRS tax audit.

It is important to note that not all audits are done face-to-face; in fact, the majority of IRS audits are correspondence audits, done through the mail. Even if you have not been selected for a face-to-face audit, representation by EQ Solutions can help by making sure the correct procedures are followed, the right paperwork submitted & your taxpayer rights are upheld.

It is important to note that not all audits are done face-to-face; in fact, the majority of IRS audits are correspondence audits, done through the mail. Even if you have not been selected for a face-to-face audit, audit representations by EQSolutions can help by making sure the correct procedures, paper work & your taxpayer rights are followed and enforced.

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What to Expect During an IRS Audit?

You will be notified of what documentation the IRS would like beforehand, so that you may prepare for a face-to-face meeting, or fill out correspondence audit paperwork. The IRS may be examining the entirety of your return, or they may only want clarification for a specific part. For example, if you own a small business and have been continuously reporting a loss for the business, and therefore no tax liability, the IRS may want further proof of your losses. This could include everything from rent receipts and utility statements to a detailed record of customer billing.

Most audits result in a change to the return. This could be in favor of the taxpayer or the IRS. The IRS targets taxpayers who they think should pay more in taxes, however, you could walk away from an audit being owed additional tax refund money, if you hire a tax professional.

While only about 1% of taxpayers are audited per year, you may find yourself in that minority. Instead of going through the stressful process of an audit alone, seek representation from an experienced tax firm. EQ Solutions has 20+ years of experience with the IRS, and our licensed tax professionals know what to expect. We work with IRS office managers, revenue officers/agents and appeals officers on a daily basis. This means we know how they operate, and we use this knowledge to your advantage.

Tax Settlement Services/IRS Debt Relief

Back Tax/Unfiled Tax Returns

If you need to settle back taxes with the IRS, you’re not alone. Millions of people owe back taxes, and, like you, many of them live in fear of the repercussions. Many people believe that it is impossible to negotiate with the IRS, but there is hope. If you have not filed your taxes the IRS will file for you, this will result in a gross over-assessment of taxes owed by the IRS.

Let us lower you tax bill and set up a settlement. Once we correct their records, many of our clients receive refunds, owe a significantly reduced amount or owe no taxes at all. Do not settle for the IRS calculation of the taxes you owe. Contacting us for representation at this level could save you thousands in taxes and tax resolution cost. It pays to not ignore IRS notices!

Reduce Tax Penalties/Remove Levies and Liens

Penalties on your tax delinquency add up. EQ Solutions can get these penalties reduced or removed. We can even get levies and liens released in 24 hours. The last thing you want as a small business owner is the IRS sending letters to your customers requesting that they pay the IRS instead of you for products or services your business provided. This type of damage can cause a business to close their doors for good.

What’s better than getting levies and liens released? Preventing the IRS from attaching them to your accounts in the first place. We have achieved this for many of our clients, while in the process of coming to a final agreement with the IRS.

Settle Your Total Tax Debt for Less

We can contact the IRS on your behalf – you may be eligible to settle back taxes for a fraction of what you owe under the Offer in Compromise program. Did the IRS issue a final notice of taxes due that you never responded to? There is hope. We can request an Offer in Compromise doubt as to liability and get your taxes reduced.

Avoid Collections During Economic Hardship

If you’ve fallen on hard times, we can get the IRS to stop all collection activity. While you’re on the list, the IRS will not contact you.

Pay in Installments

If you don’t qualify for the Offer in Compromise or Currently Not Collectible programs, but can’t pay your back taxes in full? We can secure a payment plan for you so that you can make monthly payments on your tax bill rather than pay one large sum. Installment agreements must be negotiated by a tax professional to obtain the desired results.

EQ Solutions tax specialists are ready to help you get the best solutions for your IRS problems. We offer real solutions for real people and a free, same-day tax analysis.
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